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The Making of the Good Food & Wine Show

It takes blood, sweat and tears to put together the Good Food & Wine Show and we love it!

How many varietals of wine do you think are tasted per event?  Or how many glasses are washed per show and how many meals are served? We caught up with some of our team members and found some interesting stats.



How long does it take to build the show?               3 days

How many staff are needed?                                    Around 200 across all of our contractors including electricians, stand builders, carpet layers, plumbers, security, cleaners and the Good Food & Wine Show Team

How many exhibitors attend?                                   Over 550 per year

How long does it take to knock it down?                1.5 days




How many meals are prepared per show?                                                    5,020

How many different varietals of wine are tasted?                                         800

How many kitchen staff are there?                                                                   25 per day




Have the celebrity chefs requested anything strange for the Green Room?

  • Blue jellybeans only
  • Caramelo koalas only
  • Pillows from a hotel instead of cushions.
  • Ironing board
  • Drumkit
  • Motorbike



How many steps do staff do per day?                                       Average 20,000

How many staff are needed?                                                      85 per day

How many glasses are washed per show?                               9000


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