Captain Craig Street is one of two Captain’s responsible for Majestic Princess®, our newest, largest and grandest ship in the Princess Cruises fleet. Majestic Princess will soon be calling Australia home, with an extended Summer season sailing from Sydney starting 15 September 2018.

What is your favourite cuisine (e.g. Thai, Italian etc.?)

I enjoy a whole variety of foods; my favorites being Indian curry & Italian

Which port is the most tricky to navigate into?

With the Size of the Majestic, there are many tricky Ports around the world; I would however single out Shanghai for the traffic as well as several of the Ports in New Zealand with the weather and strong currents experienced.

What is the first food item you go for when you are on dry land?

Again, I enjoy a whole variety of foods including Indian, Italian, Seafood & Sushi, Steak, Chinese & dumplings. Depends where in the World the ship is and what the local delicacies are.

Where’s the best destination/part of the world to watch a sunset or sunrise?

Watching the Sunrise/Sunset in the Kimberleys, Western Australia is particularly dramatic.

Do you ever get the chefs to whip you up something special off-menu?

Occasionally, what can I say, curry it’s my favourite!

How did you first get into cruising?

I’ve been with Princess for 28 years. I started in 1990 as a Cadet where I worked for 3 years, qualified as a third officer and worked my way up the ranks. Was promoted to Captain 10 years ago, and Majestic Princess is the 12th ship I am Captain of

What does your average day of sailing look like?

Every day is different. If it’s a port call, it’s a very early start! If it’s a sea day, I like to meet with our Senior Officers team to oversee the running of Majestic Princess, and meet with as many guests as possible. The Bridge is manned 24 hours a day, with the Bridge team rotating every few hours. I have a team that oversees the Bridge when I’m not there.

What’s your favourite thing about being at sea?

The people you meet are truly unique, from crew to guests and it’s wonderful to see these guests come back time and time again. I’ve created many memories from my time at sea, even meeting my wife while we were both working on the Caribbean Princess 13 years ago!

Did you always want to be a captain?

The ultimate goal when you start as a cadet is to be a Captain, so to be Captain of our newest and most luxurious ship is a dream come true

What’s your favourite restaurant to dine in on the ship and why and what is your favourite food when on board?

Crown Grill is my favourite restaurant available fleetwide – the quality of the Steak in the Crown Grill is second to none. I also enjoy the Harmony Restaurant onboard Majestic Princess equally as much.

Do you have your own kitchen on-board? If so, what do you cook?

I don’t have a kitchen onboard sadly! I do enjoy cooking however my wife has a real passion for cooking so when I am at home I’m rarely allowed in the Kitchen!

Which destination is your favourite?

So many of amazing destinations, one of them – Sydney Harbour with the Opera House and Harbor Bridge. Tahiti and the tranquil turquoise blue waters. I love Scuba Diving so that destination appeals to my wife and I