Feeling the pinch? In our recent foodie survey, more than 70% of you said you’re dining out less due to the rising cost of living.

Sure, we’re not all Nigella but it doesn’t mean our home cooked meals should sacrifice on taste. We’re here to inspire you with a list of Good Food & Wine Show approved pantry staples that will pack a punch when it comes to flavour.

Spice up your life!

Bippi’s Italian Style Chilli $13

With a recipe hailing from Calabria, and passed down generations, Bippi’s Italian style chilli is as traditional as it gets. In fact, each batch requires a nod of approval from family matriarch Nonna Emilia herself.

These little jars of spicy goodness are made from simple ingredients and preserved the Italian way, with chilli, salt, vinegar and oil. Fantastic paired with a homemade pasta, drizzled over a corn on the cob or a smattering atop some fried eggs. Visit their site for more chilli inspired recipes.

Sir Racha Truffled Hot Sauce $13

Naturally sweet, made with Australian chillis grown on the Northern coast of New South Wales, the sauce is fermented with onion, garlic and a pinch of salt. Tomato is later added to give a meaty body and a hint of tang.

With it’s hipster label art, the squeezy bottle it comes in also makes for a nice addition to the kitchen shelf. This hot sauce pairs perfectly with a breakfast wrap, stir-frys, noodle bowls and practically anything with eggs!

Coast of Gold Shito Pepper Sauce $19.95

Shito (pronounced shi-tow) is the word for pepper in Ga, a Ghanaian language from Accra the Ghanaian capital. This beloved sauce, known for its sweet and smoky flavour is a west African household staple. The delicacy comes in three flavours, mild, medium and hot, allowing you to work your way up the level of heat! Super versatile – perfect for marinating meats or even as a dipping sauce with veggies or hot chippies!

For a flavour hit…

Niulife Teriyaki Extra Thick Coconut Amino Sauce $9.95

A delicious soy free alternative to traditional teriyaki sauce, better still its certified organic, gluten free and all natural. Made from fermented coconut blossom nectar & spices and barrel-aged to perfection, this one’s perfect for marinading and basting meats or veg. It also makes for an easy flavour injection for homemade stir-frys & ramen bowls.

Fancy Hanks Taco Rub $11.95

Fire up the barbie! Fanch Hanks BBQ rub range is a fun and easy way to add some flare to your weeknight dinners. Simply grab some chicken thighs, shake on the taco seasoning and grill on the BBQ!

Jimoto Foods Roasted Sesame Dressing $16.99

Made from Japanese sesame seeds and roasted locally to preserve that freshly roasted flavour, this earthy dressing is a contemporary take on the classic Japanese ‘Goma’ Dressing. It’s MSG free and uses inaka miso and Japanese rice vinegar for a rich umami quality. Perfect for sashimi, to brush over grilled pork cutlets or drizzle over salads.

For when you don’t want to cook from scratch…

Beerenberg Meal Bases $6.50

It’s been a long day and you’ve spent 10 minutes furiously rummaging through your spice drawer to find the seven different spices the recipe calls for, only to find you’re out of tinned tomatoes…

*Enter the Beerenberg Meal Base range*

Beerenberg farm known for their iconic chutneys and jams have come up with a nifty range of ’30-minute’ meal bases. Simply buy your meat or veg of choice and the meal base pretty much has the rest sorted. With options such as Miso maple pork, lamb biryani and one pot Mexican these ‘on the fly feasts’ are a pantry must have.

Spicecraft Cooking Kits from $20

It’s not easy to recreate the complexity and balance of spices that is Indian cuisine so these cooking kits are a perfect starting point. Each kit comes with its own little recipe card with tips and easy instructions to make sure you can’t go wrong. Impress your friends and family with restaurant quality Indian meals for a fraction of the price.

Nutra Organics Beef Bone Broth from $29.95

Bone broth is all the rage right now and with good reason. This magic elixir is not just flavour enhancing but also loves your gut! Packed with collagen protein and zinc, Nutra Organics Beef Bone Broth adds a meaty dose of umami flavour to any dish whilst also supporting your immune system which is just what we need coming into these cooler months. A scoop of this powder is a great base for soups, stews, sauces and gravies.

So, you home chef extraordinaire, what are you waiting for?

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