Need a fun dinner party gift, a new personal indulgence or simply want to show off to your friends with your latest foodie find? We’ve got you covered with this handy list of our top food and wine picks for this month.

A Glass Of

You don’t need to dine out to order your wine BTG. ‘A Glass Of’ allows you to sample new and interesting wines curated by somelliers from your favourite restaurants, with wine sourced from independent Aussie winemakers. Their pouches are ‘precycled’ too, meaning they create less waste, in fact, the making of a recyclable pouch creates 82% less CO2 emissions than glass. You can purchase a glass (and a bit) of 5 wines for just $47.

Melbourne Martini

Forget the lengthy list of ingredients and convoluted recipes. Melbourne Martini creates bartender quality drinks for an indulgent at-home cocktail experience sans the fuss! Made with top quality local ingredients these premixed cocktails are the perfect dinner party go-to.

Simply shake, pop and pour. It’s that simple!

Silk and Stone

Our surveys show 32% of you would give up chocolate before wine. Here’s a thought… Why not have both? The team at Silk and Stone felt chocolate was being stolen from grown-ups so came up with the perfect solution to re-claim it as an adult indulgence. Yes, wine-infused chocolate is a thing! Red wine soaked currants are dried then coated in a layer of decadent dark chocolate… the perfect union!

Hippeas Chickpea Puffs

Chips just got hip! A healthier alternative to its corn chip counterpart, Hippea’s Chickpea Puffs are the ideal snack. Made with sustainably grown chickpeas, they’re a rich source of plant-based protein and come in a variety of fun flavours. The organic puffs were created through a love for sustainability, nourishment, and creativity. These little powerhouses not only deliver a tasty crunch but also support healthy farming practices that nurture the planet.

Coco Loco Coconut Hard Seltzer

The first and only brand of sparkling alcoholic coconut water in the Southern Hemisphere, Coco Loco is proudly Aussie made. Technically a beer, without the beer flavour, the alcohol content is supplied by beloved Victorian brewery Holgate Brewhouse. Lovingly crafted with no added sugar and no nasties, this vegan friendly delight is made with real coconut water H2coco for the tastiest alcoholic seltzer there is!