Emelia Jackson has become a household name when it comes to baking and sweets. Her exuberant yet focused demeaner has allowed her to be one of the most celebrated of all MasterChef contestants in Australia.

Emelia’s journey started with her triple degree in Psychology, Management and Marketing, but the passion for food remained bubbling under the surface. Emelia tried her luck on the 2014 season of MasterChef and much to her surprise, but not for lack of skill, she came third on the season and forged a new career path in the food industry.

Emelia has worked with some of the biggest names in the food scene and has performed countless food demonstrations for audiences around the world. Her ability to share her knowledge and warmth when it comes to food has made her one of the most successful contestants in the 11 year history.

She was a regular food stylist and recipe tester for Delicious Magazine and has contributed to several online publications throughout the years.

In 2022 Emelia published her first baking bible – First, Cream the Butter and Sugar which was an instant best seller. Her follow up book is due to be published later this year.