This mouthwatering recipe makes four individual bombes, ideal for impressing guests.


3/4 cup chickpea water from canned chickpeas
9 tbsp natural sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
1L homemade, or bought, plant based ice cream of your choice


4 round bottom teacups to use as moulds to set the ice cream in
plastic wrap
rubber spatula
food processor with beater attachments, or handheld electric beater
creme brûlée torch


The day before you want to serve the Bombe Alaska, line the teacups with an overhanging square of plastic wrap. Scoop ice cream into the bottom of each of the 4 cups, to whatever size you would like a serving to be. I filled mine about 3/4 way up the teacups. Smooth the top of the ice cream with the spatula and bring the plastic wrap over the top of each scoop, twisting the wrap to ensure it sits without any air pockets against the top of the ice cream. Place the ice cream filled teacups into the freezer overnight to set.

On the day you would like to have the Bombe Alaska, and at least 2 hours before you would like to serve the dessert, you can start to assemble it.

To make the aquafaba, add the chickpea water, sugar and cream of tartar into the bowl of a food processor fitted with a whisk attachment (or you can use a handheld electric beater). Start the food processor on low, and whisk for 2 minutes, then turn up to medium speed for a further 2 minutes and then finally to high speed for a final 4-5 minutes until you see the meringue start to form. You can test for the right thickness by pulling a fork through the mixture to see if stiff peaks form.

Remove the ice cream from the teacups by gently lifting the plastic wrap to pull the ice cream free. Unwrap each moulded scoop and place top down onto individual plates.

Using the spatula, gently but quickly cover each scoop of ice cream with meringue by layering it all over. When each scoop is completely covered in peaks of meringue, return to the freezer (on the plate) to set for at least 2 hours.

When you are ready to serve, remove the Bombe Alaska from the freezer and using a creme brûlée torch, brown the meringue by moving the torch flame across all surfaces of the dessert. Serve immediately.