Looking for a legendary Valentine’s Day dinner to wine and dine someone special?

Look no further! Check out this selection of great restaurants below.

What’s more, all the featured restaurants on this page are part of the Citibank Dining Program which means you can get free wine when you dine! Find out more here.


The Century

The Century at The Star is, without a doubt, one of Sydney’s most iconic dining destinations.

Manta Restaurant

The views out over Sydney harbour from Manta’s Cowper Wharf Roadway premises only underline this well-known Woolloomooloo seafood restaurant’s philosophy – to stay close to the source


Green Tea Restaurant 

Serving up incredible Vietnamese delights, Green Tea Restaurant is one of Brisbane’s top places to grab a steamy bowl of pho.

Nest Restaurant 

Providing locals with an otherworldly Asian-fusion experience, Nest Restaurant is just what the doctor ordered for Brisbane residents looking for something new.


British Hotel

Serving Adelaide folks since 1837, the British Hotel is not only one of Adelaide’s oldest surviving pubs, but it’s also one of the most iconic.


MooChi Infusion

Setting up shop close to the corner of Johnston Street and Fitzroy, Moo Chi In Fusion is set to set Melbourne’s Asian fusion cuisine scene ablaze with its considered and clean-lined entry to the fray.

Caffe e Cucina

Exquisite Italian cuisine can provide an otherworldly experience. The flavours, textures and aromas of the bel paese transport diners to another place and time as they sit, converse and laugh amongst friends and family


La Calabria 

The culinary whizz behind La Calabria is the same one behind another Perth favourite, Pasta Fiesta.