You might know Matt Moran, Australian chef and restaurateur behind Sydney’s Chiswick, Aria and North Bondi Fish or maybe you’ve seen him cook live at the Good Food & Wine Show. Recently we caught up with Matt and took five to talk all things food and cooking, thankfully he left behind some of his tips & tricks for us to share with you – Thanks Matt!


GFWS: Winter is nearly here, so do you have any tips on how to make the perfect stock?

MATT MORAN: The key to making a tasty and full of flavour stock is to use good quality bones; this is where the flavour begins! Next take your time, bring it to the boil and make sure you skim it! Then finish it off by straining the liquid. There are no short cuts on quality here but it’s worth the process. If you’re feeling up to it give my Master Stock Recipe a go!


GFWS: Do you have any tips on how to sharpen knives?

MATT MORAN: Believe it or not, it’s actually not that easy! Personally I always do it with a steel. However, if you’re not accustom to it then send it off to a professional and let them take care of it for you.


GFWS: We know fresh is best, but how do we shop seasonal?

MATT MORAN: Whether you’re at your local green grocer, at the market or in the supermarket always look at for what is in abundance and generally what is at a good price! This will be a fair indication to what is in season.


GFWS: We’d love to know what staples you think should always be in your pantry:

MATT MORAN: There are three things you’ll always find in my pantry:

  1. A really good olive oil; which I keep in a cool, dark place and I recommend don’t buy in bulk as it will go sour.
  2. Quality salt, because there is no such thing as too much salt
  3. And lastly, vinegar!


GFWS: Any tips on how to break a chicken down like a butcher?

MATT MORAN: Before you think, ‘too hard’ let me tell you it’s easier than it seems! First off take the legs off then separate the drumsticks from the thigh fillet. Next cut the breast fillets off and split into two. This should leave you with 8 pieces! If this isn’t for you then why don’t you leave the chicken whole and tackle my Pot Roasted Chicken recipe, the perfect winter warmer!


GFWS: Lastly, what are your simple marinade hacks for maximum flavour?!

MATT MORAN: Garlic and premium olive oil is the secret and don’t be shy when making your marinade. Then make sure you have something acidic in there to help break it down and balance the flavours, my go to would be lemon juice or quality vinegar!


Thanks Matt and looking forward to seeing you at the show!