Sarah Todd’s meteoric success from being a celebrated MasterChef Australia Finalist to an internationally renowned chef, restaurateur, and brand ambassador is a testament to her expertise and strategic vision. Her transformative decision in 2015 to establish Antares Restaurant & Beach Club in Goa, showcased in a 6-part observational documentary, “My Restaurant in India,” aired on SBS Australia and 156 countries, has made her a global culinary icon.

Classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu, Sarah has spent a decade in India, where she has artfully blended French techniques with the vibrant flavours of Indian cuisine. Sarah’s ongoing WSET wine studies in 2023 have deepened her understanding, allowing her to harmoniously integrate the complexities of wine with her sophisticated cooking style. With a commanding social media presence boasting over 1 million followers, Sarah’s influence spans the food and luxury lifestyle sectors.

Sarah’s compelling personal journey and professional credentials extend her appeal beyond just marketing campaigns, establishing her as a beacon of inspiration for women and young girls aspiring to make their mark. Sarah Todd’s television career, spanning over 12 series, highlights her rise from MasterChef finalist to a distinguished host and judge. Each show has showcased her culinary mastery and a magnetic charisma that captivates a global audience.