Transport your tastebuds with this elevated take on the classic Fish and Chips. Designed by Chef Andrew Ballard in partnership with Infinity Blue, exclusively served in the VIP Lounge at the 2023 Good Food & Wine Show.


4 large Désirée potatoes
100 ml cream
10 ml truffle oil
1 garlic clove

150 gm piece of Infinity Blue barramundi
Seasoned flour (1 tsp of salt in 100 gm plain flour)

100 gm plain flour
1 bottle pear cider

1 baby cos lettuce
½ red onion sliced thinly
Extra virgin olive oil

Lemon wedges and aioli to serve


Whisk together the batter ingredients. Add enough of the cider to get a texture similar to pouring cream. Place aside for a day in the fridge to slowly develop.

Thinly slice the potatoes (a Japanese sheeter is best for this). Heat the cream, truffle oil and garlic and place aside for potato assembly. Line a 30cm tray with baking paper and lay in 1 sheet of the potatoes. Brush liberally with the cream and a restrained sprinkle of salt. Repeat this process until the tray in about 1 inch deep in potatoes.

Cover the potatoes with baking paper and foil and bake in the oven @ 160C for 3 hours. When you remove from the oven place a second identical tray on top and apply a weight to compress the potatoes (I use cans). Allow to completely cool and then place in the fridge with the weights overnight.

Turn out the potato cake and slice into think chips.

Dust the barramundi in the seasoned flour and then drag through the pre proofed batter. Deep fry in hot vegetable oil @ 180C along with your pressed truffle chips.

Season liberally with table salt when you remove them from the fryer.

Slice the washed cos into 4 lengthways and dip into the buttermilk. Scatter the onion slices over the top.


In partnership with Chef Andrew Ballard and Infinity Blue.