A convention centre transformed into a wine-lover’s wonderland brimming with wine samples hailing from Clare Valley to the Barossa Valley, you could see how one might get a little carried away…

That’s why we’ve teamed up with DrinkWise again for our 2024 shows. Whether you’re the designated driver or trying not to blow your 2024 New Year’s resolutions “I’m cutting back on booze this year” (Yep, that old chestnut)

Don’t let these become famous last words! To help wine lovers keep track of their tastings and understand how many tastings add up to a standard drink, the DrinkWise ‘Stay tasteful while tasting’ materials will be on offer at all shows this year.

*Cue the DrinkWise tasting tracker*

Six x 15ml sips of vino equates to approx. one standard drink and we think that is pretty handy to know. That’s why the tasting tracker is making a return for the 2024 shows. A nifty, pocket sized scratchie card that serves as a simple and fun way to track how all those small sips here and there may be stacking up.

74% of visitors who saw the ‘Stay tasteful while tasting’ material said that it helped keep track of their drinks

Each time you have a 15ml tasting, scratch off a panel to keep track of your consumption. The cards have four glasses on them in line with Australian government recommendation that healthy Australian adults should not consume more than four standard drinks on any one day.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Stay Tasteful while Tasting reminders at the Good Food & Wine Shows. 

Visit DrinkWise for more info