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Hayes Family Wines

Hayes Family Wines is a small family-owned winemaker based in the prime location of stone Well on the Western Ridge of the Barossa Valley. As a boutique producer, we aim to create well -balanced wines that showcase the fruit flavour and structure of the traditional Barossa Valley varietals of Shiraz, Grenache, Mataro and Semillon. We are committed to producing premium wines from the best possible old vine terroirs in the Northern and Western sub-regions of the Barossa Valley. Our vineyard and winery team bring decades of experience which when coupled with pristine old vine fruit and both traditional yet innovative winemaking techniques produce a range of classic and special individual small parcel releases.

Meet the Maker

Brett Hayes

Tell me your story – what got you involved in winemaking?

A love of wine, the people and places. In the end, wine might be just a drink, but each wine should have a story to tell, where it was grown, how and when it was made, and who made it. There is a story to wine that is unique and I found the old regions of Europe a great inspiration for my journey in wine. Barossa gave me that much closer to home.

The Barossa was identified as the visitors favourite wine region / wines. What do you think makes the Barossa so special?

The Barossa provides a unique blend of tradition (old vines, rich history and unique characters) with modern new world ideas and ways. We grow the best grapes, in the most beautiful landscape farmed by unique characters that produce some of the best wines in the world.

What’s your favourite wine from your own range that you’d recommend our visitors trying at the Good Food & Wine Show?

Our 2018 Semillon Project Wines, biodynamic old vine fruit handed in 3 ways, oak aged, ceramic egg and a traditional fruit driven style. So one wine, done 3 ways. They will change the way you think about Barossa Semillon.

Tell us 1 thing that makes your own wines so special?

An uncompromising commitment that only the best will do in the vineyard (through organics and biodynamic practices), in the winery (balancing tradition and innovation), and in the cellar through our interactions with the people that share our journey and enjoy our wines.

If you could only drink one wine for the rest of your life, (hard one, we know!) what would that be and what food would you pair it with?

A very difficult question, but I would say an off-dry German Riesling, probably Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Riesling Spatlese from the Mosel paired with fresh seafood.

What wine from another Barossa Winery other than your own would you recommend visitors trying? Any hidden gems this year?

Soul Growers, a great team making really good wines that represent excellent value. 106 Vines Mataro, a unique patch of very old vines that really shows how good Mataro can be.

For visitors planning a trip to the Barossa, what would you recommend them including in their itinerary of what not to miss?

I think great food, great wine and fantastic people are easy to find in the Barossa, but I recommend finding a vantage point to take in the patch work of villages and vineyards of Barossa from above is a must see, my favourite spots, Mengler’s Hill, or for a less trodden path, head up the newly renamed Steingarten Road to Steingarten, one of the most unique vineyard sites in Australia. Take the time to look over the Barossa as you make your way up or back through the myriad of gates.

What wines will you be showcasing this year?

2018 Project Semillon – Classic, Wooded and Ceramic Egg

2018 Barossa Valley Rose

2017 Barossa Valley GSM

2017 Winemakers Selection Grenache

2017 Barossa Valley Mataro Shiraz

2016 Barossa Valley Shiraz

2016 Barossa Valley Cabernet Shiraz

2016 Vineyard Series Greenock Shiraz

Very Old Tawny

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