This traditional cookie from Korea, known as Dasik, comes in various shapes and colours and is made with grains, beans and sesame seeds. Known in Korea as dasik _kong-dasik·Heugimjadasik 다식_콩다식·흑임자다식

Dasik involves kneading grain powder with honey. There are various kinds of dasik, such as sesame, black sesame, pine flower powder, Jinmal, and starchdasik.

Makes 25


¾ cup yellow bean powder (3⅓ oz, 100g)
¾ cup black sesame powder (3⅔ oz, 110g)
7 tablespoons honey
Sesame oil as needed


Stir-fry the black sesame powder and grind finely
Brush a biscuit mold with sesame oil
Add 4 tablespoons of honey to the yellow bean powder and knead to form soft dough
Add 3 tablespoons of honey to the black sesame powder and mix well in a medium bowl
Steam the black sesame mixture with the bowl for 20 minutes.
Pour the mixture out in a large bowl
Pound the mixture with a rolling pin until the mixture becomes one dough
Separate the dough into small pieces, and make balls
Press the balls into the mold firmly to form dasik


This recipe is from Food of Korea 200 Recipes published by the Korean Food Foundation