Hayden Quinn and his model girlfriend turned cook Jax Raynor spill the beans.

What’s your favourite dish for sharing with family and friends? 

Jax – My favorite dish to would probably be grilled little neck clams with lemon herb butter on saltines. I grew up eating them by the dozen at my family home by the beach. Everyone always gathers around the grill and grabs them off with their bare hands right when they open.

HQ – Slow cooked lamb shoulder, with middle eastern spices and fresh flatbreads and yoghurt sauce!

Who do you like cooking for the most? Why? 

Jax – I love cooking for my friends. Especially the ones that aren’t as comfortable in the kitchen. I love showing people that cooking can be relaxing and fun.

HQ – haha cooking for Jax is fun, she is a very tough critic and if I win her over, then I know everyone else is going to like it! Haha we love entertaining and having friends over for lunches on the weekend!

Who do you like cooking with the most? Why? 

Jax – I really love cooking with my dad, we turn on some music (I like to listen to Queen when I cook) and just sing and hangout.

HQ  – Can I say myself? Haha seriously, me in the kitchen, on my own, watching Action Bronson on YouTube and drinking a glass of wine is my way to relax! Love it!

What’s your favourite cooking tip? 

Jax – Read the recipe fully before beginning & save your pasta water!

HQ – Just give it a go! You wont know if you don’t try, and I think most people will surprise themselves with how easy most dishes can be to complete…

This is your first appearance at the GFWS. What are you most looking forward to?

Jax – I’ve never been to Perth, let alone WA, so I’m really excited to try the local food and wine.

HQ – Hanging out with my good mate Matt Moran! I love Matt and always have the best time when we are together!

What’s your favourite ingredient? 

Jax – Lemon

HQ – Chili

What’s your go-to meal at-home for the family/housemates if you’re in a rush?

Jax – We make a killer pasta with pork mince, broccoli raab, garlic, fennel seeds and chili flakes. It only takes 15 minutes and everyone who eats it becomes addicted.

HQ – a quick curry from whatever spices / veggies / meat we have in the pantry and fridge.

Favourite meal when you were a kid living at home?

Jax – Matzah ball soup when we were home sick from school.

HQ – crumbed lamb cutlets! (Mum! I want these for dinner next time we are around)

What would your last meal be and with who?

Jax – Sunday lunch out at my Grandmother’s beach house with my mom eating grilled little neck clams, skate with lemon and butter, fresh tomato mozzarella salad and grilled corn on the cob. Ideally with a really big, really good bottle of Champagne or Chenin Blanc.

HQ – It would start with saucisson (cured French sausage) and Cornish kern (cheese) and a bottle of Tout Pres by Farr. Then I would be into a massive charcoal grilled rib eye on the bone w/ potato gratin (plus horseradish and mustards) washed down with a 2014 Curly Flat Pinot and then a super gooey chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream for dessert! With who? Mmm, just all my favourite eating buddies!

Ingredient you can’t do without?

Jax- Salt and good olive oil.

HQ – would have to say a great aussie olive oil also.