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Schild Estate

At Schild Estate we make wines created with passion & authenticity.

A passion that comes through generations of a family who have made the Southern Barossa their home.

With an authentic connection to the land and vines, where history is kept alive through the three generations of the Schild family still working at the heart of everything we do.

From humble beginnings in Germany, the Schild family arrived in Australia in 1866 and made their home in the Barossa Valley. In 1952 Ben Schild purchased the first of our current vineyards. At 15 years of age, after the sudden death of his father, Ed Schild took hold of the reigns and continues to nurture Schild Estate along with three of his children.

With grandchildren now beginning to take on the passion the story is set to continue into future generations…

Today Ed and Michael Schild manage over 165ha of estate owned vineyards and specialise in producing premium, estate-grown red wines.

2019 will be Ed’s 63rd vintage, while Michael will be celebrating his 33rd and Angus (Michael’s eldest) his third. Schild Estate are the oldest family-owned grape growers in the Barossa Valley.

Spread across 12 unique sites we take advantage of the patchwork of soils and mesoclimates. This diversity allows us to produce a range of premium fruit; favouring a slower ripening period for optimum flavour development.

Caretakers of the land and vines.
Our vines are some of the oldest in the world. The uniqueness of our history and land gives us the privilege of working with vines that have their own stories to tell.

Planted in 1847, only 11 years after South Australian settlement, the Moorooroo vines are amongst the oldest continually producing Shiraz vines in Australia.

With only four rows left these low-yield ‘ancestor vines’ produce grapes for our prized Moorooroo Shiraz.

Our centenarian bush vines have been growing untrellised since 1914. As a result the grapes must be handpicked the way they have been for over 100 years.

An expression of Southern Barossa

Under the guidance of Chief Winemaker Scott Hazeldine, driven by the unique characteristics of each vineyard, Schild Estate wines are an authentic reflection of the terroir in the region.

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