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Naked Run Wines

The concept behind Naked Run is simple, make good wine, starting in the vineyard, finishing in the bottle for your enjoyment.  Their range of wines are honest and true to variety. Made with the concept of bringing the vine to you, understanding that amazing wines are most definitely produced in the infant stages of bud burst in the vineyard.

Steven Baraglia is the winemaker at Naked Wines. Born and raised in the Barossa Valley, the wine industry has always been a big part of Steve’s life. From an early age he ‘worked’ in his family’s small vineyard at Williamstown, which ultimately lead to a career in the wine industry. In 2003, after finishing an Oenology degree and a Viticultural diploma at the University of Adelaide he joined the team at Pikes Wines in Clare where he is now the Senior Winemaker. He is passionate about making wine and particularly loves working with Riesling, a variety well suited to the Clare Valley. His approach to winemaking is careful management in the vineyard and minimal winemaking intervention, allowing him to capture and showcase specific vineyard sites in every wine he makes.

Naked Run Vineyards
Aldo’s vineyard is situated in the centre of Williamstown in the southern Barossa Valley where Aldo Baraglia tendered to this vineyard for his entire life. The gnarly 88 year old dry-grown Grenache vines have survived droughts, floods and even housing developments. These old relics are harvested and pruned by hand and receive minimal input throughout the season. In addition to the old Grenache there is another block of younger 31 year old Grenache and chardonnay recently grafted to Pinot Gris.

The higher elevation of 330m results in the Greenock vineyard having a slower ripening period compared to other areas in the Barossa. Most of the vineyard was planted in 2001 to Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, with some existing blocks of older Grenache and Shiraz up to 50 years in age. Over the years this vineyard has grown a reputation of producing consistent icon grade fruit for both large corporate and smaller boutique wineries.
With an elevation of 475m, The Hill 5 vineyard is one of the highest in the Clare Valley, a perfect site for Riesling. The vineyard was planted in 2000 with 5 acres of Shiraz and 5 acres of Riesling. In 2006 a further 5 acres of Riesling was planted on an eastern facing slope to further increase this vineyard’s potential. In 2011 1.5 acres was grafted to Cabernet Sauvignon.

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