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Château Tanunda

Château Tanunda, ‘Icon of the Barossa,’ is Australia’s largest and oldest Château (est. 1890). It is famous for handcrafting the Barossa’s top wines and is a truly awe-inspiring place to visit. It is as magnificent as some of the best wine estates and Châteaux anywhere in the world.

The Barossa Valley is acknowledged as the home of Australia’s finest wines and the world’s best Shiraz. Château Tanunda Estate is the birthplace of the Barossa’s wine industry, where some of the first plantings and the first winery were established in the 1840s.

The Geber family is the proud custodian of this great icon and its heritage. We invite you to behold the magnificent Château, Basket Press Winery, vineyardsgardensfunctions rooms and surrounding hills. Our wines are delicious, distinctive and elegant.

We hope you enjoy the true character of Château Tanunda and visit this famous Barossa Winery in Tanunda for exclusive VIP tastings, and top Barossa Shiraz.

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Meet the maker

Neville Rowe

Location: Tanunda

Tell me your story – what got you involved in wine making?

From an early background in hospitality I had always had a passion for wine. Just over 20 years ago I took that passion to the next level by moving to study Eonology at university, and haven’t looked back since. A career as a winemaker has taken me to some of the most beautiful areas of the world, meeting amazingly passionate people and to take the joy in seeing wines I have made being enjoyed by others.

In our post show visitor survey from 2016’s shows, the Barossa was identified as the visitors favourite wine region / wines.  What do you think makes the Barossa so special?

The Barossa makes wines which are amongst the best in the world. Barossa Shiraz is a style which is unique to the wine world, but the region is ideal for all kinds of grape varieties, as well as an array of other produce. The Barossa is home to long history of over 150 years of creating amazing produce, be that the wines, the food or the fresh produce at the Barossa farmers market. The climate and community spirit comes through in the wines and products from the region, and I think people can connect with that authenticity.

What wine from another Barossa Winery other than your own would you recommend visitors trying? Any hidden gems this year?

Well its not a wine, but the Barossa Gin from Soulgrowers is something to check out.

For visitors planning a trip to the Barossa, what would you recommend them including in their itinerary of what not to miss?

Chateau Tanunda, the Barossa Farmers Market, Menglers Hill lookout, a walk around the historic back streets of Tanunda