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Margaret River Wine

Margaret River Wine – Discover the Diversity

Having recently celebrated 50 years of winemaking, Margaret River is a young in terms of wine history, but the region is one of the oldest in the world bestowed with complex ancient soils and unique biodiversity. 80% of the regions plant species are found nowhere else in the world.

Its stunning stretch of land is one of the most geographically isolated wine regions in the world, surrounded by pristine oceans to the north, west and south and the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge to the east, it forms a perfect ‘island’ of grape-growing conditions.

Traditional, organic and bio-dynamic practices are all practiced, with the region’s benign climate being highly suitable for minimal intervention viticulture.

Margaret River is also one of the unique wine regions in the world that can grow vines on their own root system due to the absence of the vine pest phylloxera.

The consistency between vintages and the ability to perfectly ripen fruit in most years means Margaret River winemakers can be relatively low intervention in the winery and let the quality of the grapes shine.

Complex ancient soils, moderate Mediterranean climate, cool maritime influence, unique heritage clones and strong seasonal consistency, all contribute to Margaret River’s international reputation for elegant and refined world-class wines.