Red Wine & Cheese Rendezvous

Join us for an immersive and indulgent experience that combines the rich flavours of cheeses with the diverse characteristics of Australian red wines.

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Heavenly Whites & Cheese Delights

You'll explore a diverse range of cheeses, from creamy Camemberts to tangy goat cheeses, and discover how their distinct characteristics interact with the unique profiles of Australian white wines.

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Fizz & Fromage: A Sparkling Duo

Discover the unique characteristics of Australian sparkling wines and learn how to pair them effectively with different types of cheese. Indulge!

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Margaret River Wine Region

Explore the taste of Margaret River wines as you sip, sample and shop your way through this iconic wine region.

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Clare Valley Wine Region

Dive into the delightful world of wines from the Clare Valley region, renowned for its exceptional Rieslings and vibrant reds.

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Barossa Valley Wine Region

Journey through the delights of the iconic Barossa Valley and discover delicious drops from over 20 winemakers.

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McLaren Vale Wine Region

Discover the distinct flavours of McLaren Vale known for its rich, bold red wine varietals.

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Dymocks Book Shop

Explore a curated collection of cookbooks at the Dymocks Book Shop, ready to spice up your kitchen adventures!

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Pop-Up Restaurants

Enjoy our pop-up dining options with local restaurants serving up delicious fare across the show floor.

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Good Food Village

Our specialty food market at the heart of the show. You'll discover those hard-to-find culinary gems you won't typically see on the high street.

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Cheese Corner

A must-visit for cheese lovers. Here you can sample and shop your favourite cheesy delights from the finest Australian producers.

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The Kleenheat Kitchen

Watch a fantastic line-up of passionate local talent cooking live on the Kleenheat Kitchen stage.

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