Imperial Measures Distilling

Imperial Measures Distilling

Imperial Measures Distilling began as the shared dream of two bartenders seeking to make gin rather than just drinking and selling it.

Emerging from the formative years of Adelaides small bar scene, Chris Jones and David Danby were ever present in around and behind bars before their paths crossed working together at one of Adelaides most reputable wine and cocktail venues.

Motivated by the Gin Renaissance unfolding in the bars of Europe and the US, Chris and David decided to explore the concept of making their own gin and so began a deep dive into the heady world of distillation and in November of 2015 the first 79 bottles of Ounce Gin Signature were created, and so began a journey that continues today.

Guided by a relentless pursuit of flavour and quality, giving an approving nod to the formative cocktail bars and recipes of yore, IMD always seek to craft the finest taste creations in all that they do.

With the addition of their multi award winning Ounce Gin Bold to the stable, as well as their Ruby Bitter Aperitif, SV Sweet Vermouth and their locally harvested uber-tasty mandarin liqueur Mandeaux, the journey continues ever forward for IMD.

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