Craft Vs Science

Craft Vs Science

Craft vs Science Boutique Wines is a newly established, family owned, premium wine brand. We source our fruit primarily from our family’s vineyard in Bethany, Barossa Valley. There are many different philosophies when it comes to winemaking and viticulture. We believe that utilising a combination of the traditional aspects and practices (the Craft) and combining them with modern practices, technology and innovation (the Science) is the key to producing something truly special.

Each parcel of fruit is treated with the highest level of attention to detail and handcrafted into delicious premium wines. All of our wines are made by our owner and winemaker Stuart Bloomfield, who retains an uncompromising commitment to quality.

“I always wanted to develop my own brand, where I could make wines that I am passionate about and that people will love. Directly crafting each parcel into intensely flavoured, well structured, balanced wines that are true to their variety. Wines that wine lovers would be proud to share with their family and friends. Our production is tiny, but our quality is immense.” Stuart Bloomfield

Join us to taste through our delicious wines and meet our owner and winemaker for a chat.

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