cookied australia

We believe everyone deserves to be able to set their tastebuds tingling over a delicious, freshly baked cookie. Which is why our chef and co-founder, Nicholas Cleary, worked tirelessly in the kitchen to come up with the best-tasting, most inclusive cookie ever. And after hundreds of batches of cookies, adding a little bit of this and taking out a little bit of that he finally pulled it off.

The perfect cookie. A delicious, warm, gooey, vegan-friendly, nut, gluten, and soy free masterpiece. But Nicholas still wasn’t satisfied and wanted to develop a range of flavours for his customers to enjoy. So he found Markus, and that’s when Vegan Cookie Co. was born. From the busy shared kitchens in Glebe, Kensington and Woolloomooloo to our current base in Sydney and into the outstretched hands of cookie lovers all over Australia

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