Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod

At Aquna, we sustainably-farm Murray cod in open ponds (or dams) on the Murray-Darling Basin River system – the fish’s native environment. With full traceability, we have a vertically-integrated approach for breeding, growing and supplying what is Australia’s premium, native freshwater fish.

Aquna Murray Cod is for customers who love great-tasting, white-fleshed fish, with a firm texture and natural clean flavour. We work with a variety of chefs who head up fine-dining restaurants in Australia and internationally, who speak highly of our products flavour profile, versatility and our sustainability practices.

Aquna is also a favourite for enthusiastic home cooks, who prefer to buy a high-quality, sustainable seafood. As conscious consumers who prioritise ethical eating, they know they can rely on Aquna to deliver quality every time.

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