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Udder Delights

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Udder Delights create delicious artisan handmade cheese in the pristine Adelaide Hills. It’s mission is to create exceptional cheese and make it accessible to as many Australian’s as possible. From grass to cow, milk to cheese and onto your cheese board – enjoy some of the beautiful Adelaide Hills with Udder Delights.

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Address: 15/1 Adelaide Lobethal Road

Suburb: Lobethal

State: SA

Country: Australia

Postcode: 5241


Udder Delights Triple Cream Brie 180g

As the name suggests, we add cream to the milk to increase the amount of butterfat before continuing to form the curds into a luscious Brie style cheese. Due to the increased level of cream there is a balanced acidity to offset the increased decadent buttery texture.

Udder Delights Camembert 200g

This is a rich surface ripened Camembert made from milk sourced within the Adelaide Hills. When the cheese is ripe it is soft and creamy in texture and develops cheesy cauliflower flavours and velvety mouth feel.

Udder Delights Heysen Blue

Heysen Blue is quite firm and moist with a fresh, slightly cheddar flavour. As it ages, the flavour deepens and develops a greater fruity complexity with little salt and a rich melt in the mouth creaminess.

Udder Delights Goat Chevre 150g

Our Chevre has a fresh acidic flavour – with a dense creamy texture and clean finish on the palate. It's the perfect addition to almost any dish. Some of our favourites include pizza, pasta, risotto and salad.

Udder Delights Goat Curd 200g

Our curd is mild, tangy and refreshing with a smooth, creamy finish that is almost fluffy. It is well suited to sweet and savoury dishes, and has a particularly good affinity with figs, prosciutto, honey & walnuts!

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