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Yanghe is regarded in the top 2 best-selling Baijiu brands in China. The Yanghe recipe has a history of 1500+ years and uses only the highest quality fermenting agents. Yanghe Baijiu has an overall smooth texture with some characters of the base material (grain) in aroma.

Contact Details

02 8904 0485

Address: 1801/Level 18, 111 Pacific Hwy

Suburb: North Sydney

State: NSW

Country: Australia

Postcode: 2060



With 300+ years of history, Daqu is sweet tasting, unctuous in texture with a gentle lasting fragrance. Only the highest quality sorghum (base) and the best ingredients are used. Available in 38% and 52%.

Ocean Blue

A limpid spirit with neutral aromas of grain on the nose with a mellow offering on the palate. The finish is clear, fresh yet silken smooth. Available in 42% and 52%.

Sky Blue

This mellow, clear spirit presents a multi-flavoured and complex palate with a full-bodied aroma yet smooth and clean finish. This best-selling product uses traditional fermentation methods. Available in 42% and 52%.

Dream Blue M3

A colourless spirit that is soft almost sweet on the nose with floral elements. The taste is bountifu I and harmonious, unfolds slowly and ends with a clean finish. Available in 40.8% and 52%

Dream Blue M6

M6 is strong but not overpowering, gentle but not weak. It offers a exquisite and pure palate, a fresh aroma with a long but soft aftertaste.

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