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Ambra Limoncello

Stand E22

Ambra Liqueurs is a South Australian Liqueur Manufacturer. Our 100% authentic family recipe was handed down over generations and remains unchanged. Australian made with fresh ingredients. Ambra brings fun, flavour & passion to life with our range of traditionally inspired, locally produced liqueurs.

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Address: 43 Phillips Street


State: SA

Country: Australia

Postcode: 5031


Ambra Limoncello

Ambra Limoncello is a deliciously refereshing lemon liqueur which can be enjoyed as an aperitif served chilled straight from the freezer. It also makes an ideal addition to a summer cocktail, or a great way to refresh your Spritz

Ambra Cappuccino

Ambra Cappuccino is a smooth and creamy coffee liqueur made with premium quality freshly roasted coffee beans combined with a family recipe using the very best ingredients. it is recommended to serve Ambra Cappuccino chilled on the rocks, and makes a wonderful accompaniment to our coffee or sweets.

Limoncello Torrone

A Classic Italian Soft nougat made with the traditional craft methods using only natural ingredients such as almonds, honey, sugar and natural flavours and no preservatives. This ancient recipe has been enriched to include the flaour of Limoncello lemon liqueur.

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