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79 TU Finest Turmeric Blends

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Engineering a Healthy You 79 Tu Finest Turmeric Blends have been carefully formulated with the blend of spices and plant-based fats to make Turmeric more easily absorbed in its active form - Curcumin.

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Address: PO BOX 1137

Suburb: Collingwood 3066


Country: Australia

Postcode: 3066


Superspice Blend with coconut oil

Vegan turmeric latte blend made with finest turmeric and other spices blended with coconut oil . 79 Tu has been carefully formulated to increase the bioavailability of turmeric, we added black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and and coconut oil to make sure that with every sip you absorb turmeric's maximum potential.

Super Spice Blend with Organic Cacao

Vegan spiced cocao latte blend made with finest turmeric , organic cacao and other spices blended with coconut oil . Cacao has 40 times the antioxidants of Blueberries and is a natural mood elevator. Indulge yourself with absolutely no guilt. Enjoy a spiced cacao latte or add it in smoothies or baked goodies.


Collaborated with Monsieur Truffe to produce a premium quality, vegan, stone-ground turmeric chocolate with a long lasting finish. This chocolate is a magical blend of Ecuadorian cacao and 79 Tu super spice blend. Every piece of this hand made chocolate has our turmeric blended with curcumin absorption enhancing black pepper & coconut oil.

Turmeric Raw Balls

Vegan, Gluten Free Raw balls with no added sugar!

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