Billson’s Brewery is Australia’s longest continuously-running beverage manufacturer, creating flavour sensations from 1865 to today and beyond. With a huge range of products, including classic sodas, cordials, canned cocktails, vodka mixes, gin mixes, beer, spirits, liqueurs and bitters, Billson’s Brewery has something for everyone.

Located in the heart of Beechworth, Victoria, the Billson’s team truly values the craft of beverage making. The Brewery uses the finest local ingredients and fresh alpine spring water in their products. Local, handcrafted and unique are their business cornerstones, as well as their connection to the community and the region.

Nathan and Felicity are Billson’s heart and soul. In 2017, they stumbled upon a dusty old brewery on a trip to Beechworth. Over the last six years, they’ve brought it back to life, and it’s now a popular destination for food and beverage lovers visiting the northeast of Victoria.

The Billson’s team are special experience enthusiasts, whether that means ducking into the Brewery for a sunny Sunday lunch, popping a few cold cans in your esky to enjoy on the go or using one of our premium gin flavours in your at-home cocktails.

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