Summer is here and with the new year approaching everyone is starting to think about; starting afresh, setting goals and making resolutions. One of the big focuses in 2019 has been making small changes towards sustainability. If this is one of your priorities for 2020 we have put together a list below of some of our exhibitors who will help when making a conscious choice this summer and year to come.

Eco Shop Co

This is your one stop shop for moving towards a sustainable lifestyle. From produce bags to toothbrushes that are all sustainable, reusable and made from natural material.

Little Bumble

These beautiful food wraps are made using all natural products including, Cotton, Australian Beeswax and tree resin. They store and protect your food, minimising use of plastic and food wastage.

Stay Tray

Making a small easy change in your day to day life has seen many people get on board the Reusable Coffee Cup bandwagon. If that’s you and you are looking to build on this, Stay Tray is the perfect next step. This ethically produced reusable drinks tray is made from 100% recycled material and we think every office needs one for the morning coffee run.

Loving Earth

We all deserve to treat ourselves every once in while. And Loving Earth chocolate is your perfect sustainable and ethical choice. From the classic dark chocolate to Lemon Cheesecake Caramel flavour, there is an option for every palate.

Ananda Food

Hemp products have been around for a very long time but have been gaining more and more notoriety recently. The health benefits and versatility of this ingredient means its popularity is sure to continue growing. Ananda foods have you covered for your hemp products with the hemp range traceable from “seed to shelf” ensuring you are making a conscious choice

Sweet Dreams Food

If you are in WA and are looking to be mindful when grabbing a bagel or doughnut for Lunch, Sweet Dreams food is the brand to look out for. All products in this range are made from natural and/or organic ingredients with a focus on sustainable production.

The Sophisticated Beast

This is not just a brewery, the team at Sophisticated Beast keep themselves busy by brewing beer, cold brew coffee and then in keeping with conscious and sustainable practice they use the spent grains and coffee grinds to hand farm and harvest mushrooms! These guys are still small so you will have to be in WA to get your hands on this for an end of day refreshment.

Sidewood Estate

Sidewood Estate is the largest fully Entwine accredited  winery in the Adelaide Hills, with practices such as the use of solar panels, canopy management and fetiliser selections this winery is showing the industry that there are plenty of options when it comes to sustainable business practices.

Temple Bruer

Another winery to check out for if you are looking to make a sustainable choice when it comes to stocking the wine cellar is Temple Bruer from South Australia. This one ticks all the boxes; sustainable, check, carbon neutral, check, organic, check, preservative free, check.


Be sure to check out all the websites and join us at our shows in 2020 to meet the teams in person, learn more about them, their new products and what other small changes can be made to reach the goal of sustainability.