In 2016 the Internet of Things arrives in the kitchen, with Internet connectivity integrated with smart features such as inbuilt cameras for unprecedented control, connectivity and convenience.

We take a look at some of the most innovative new kitchen appliances for 2016.

Samsung Smart Fridge

The new Samsung Smart fridge offers many of the ‘smart’ features we have come to expect from modern fridges, including a large inbuilt screen to allows you to check the weather, order groceries and play music. However, the champion feature of the Samsung Smart Fridge is its inbuilt cameras, which monitor the contents of your fridge. So if you are at the shops and can’t remember if you need milk, you can simply view the contents of your fridge from your phone. This clever tech also allows the fridge to notify you when things might be reaching their use by date.


Asko Volcano Stove Top

Embracing one of 2016 biggest trends, cooking with fire, the Asko Volcano Stove Top is the world’s most efficient wok burner. As the name suggests, the burner erupts a high intensity flame, which is concentrated on the base of your wok – so you only heat the area you need instead of up around the sides. Sizzling stir-fry’s in minutes!


Smeg Thermoseal Oven

Introducing a new level of baking perfection, Smeg’s thermoseal technology offers unprecedented control over the cooking environment. The Thermoseal Oven is insulated with 20mm thick ceramic insulation, wrapped in foil sheeting, while a unique cooling system allows cool air to circulate around a cavity surrounding the oven, rather than in the oven. The result is a completely sealed cooking environment that locks in the heat, and with it nutrients, juices and flavour.


LG LDT8786ST Dishwasher

Recently revealed at the Consumer Tech Association 2016 exhibition, the latest offering from LG seeks to solve that daily struggle of packing the dishwasher. Boasting three trays that can be configured in a number of different ways, the LG dishwasher gives you the flexibility to fit almost any item. This model is also much quicker than most on the market, using its powerful MulitMotion wash arm to complete a cycle in just 59 minutes.


XYZPrinting 3D Food Printer

Finally, the explosion of tech surrounding 3D printers has found its way into the kitchen! The XYZPrinting 3D Printer takes raw ingredients, processes them into a delectable mixture and prints it in customizable shapes. Still in its early days, the technology can currently only be used for chocolate and cookie dough, but imagine what the future could hold! Printed eggs and bacon, pasta, or croquembouche!