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5 minutes with Mitch (Rummy) Keane

We had a quick catch up with Mitch (Rummy) Keane, the Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show mixologist to find out his favourite concoctions.


What’s your favourite cocktail in the summer heat?

For a hot summers day, I don’t think you can beat a classic ‘Southside’ served tall, (Gin, Lime, Sugar, Mint, Soda) or ‘French 75’ (Gin, Lemon, Sugar & Champagne)


What do you always have in your liquor cabinet?

The cabinet at home is pretty transient, with weird and wonderful things moving through. There are a few constants though, a bottle of Campari, a bottle of sweet vermouth, a dry sparkling and a scotch to sip.


What’s your most unusual cocktail flavour combination?

One that will always stick out was a cocktail made with Enoki Mushrooms. A friend made this drink for a cocktail competition we were both competing in and it ended up like a sweet malty, dusty milkshake. Very Interesting.


When you’re not drinking cocktails, what are you drinking?

Typically its either a glass of wine, usually a full-bodied red, or tall beer, where I love my sour styles.


What’s your favourite cocktail/food pairing?

Not a whole lot beats a Martini and Oysters!


You make gin – so how did you get the nickname Rummy?

Years ago when I worked on a snow mountain I relied on the warming effects of Rum to keep me sane so much so that I gained the nickname ‘Rummy’. Even now after the memory of the cold has died down, the nickname has remained.


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