Widden Brook Farm’s Elderflower Mist Sparkling is a refreshing, naturally fermented light alcohol beverage that we make using flowers.
It is hand-crafted on our farm on the Central Tablelands to create a small batch environmentally friendly, high-quality drink. We make it with Widden Brook Farm’s own elderflowers, botanicals and pristine mountain spring water and regionally sourced organic ingredients.
Our Elderflower Mist Sparkling contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. It is vegan friendly, gluten-free and contains 2.0% alcohol.
Widden Brook Farm is situated on Nullo Mountain and straddles the Great Dividing Range. Nestled into the north-west of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage area, its cool climate, pristine waters and fertile soils produce healthy, full flavoured, high-quality produce. It’s our home and it’s whee we make our Elderflower Mist Sparkling.
Shireen and Darren are the team behind Widden Brook Farm. We manage our farm following the principles of regenerative agriculture, a framework that enables us to make socially, financially and environmentally sound decisions for the short and long-term. We regard living organisms of all sorts: microbes, insects, earthworms, domestic and native animals as partners on our place who help regenerate and enhance this place we call home.