Philip and Kevin Liu, two brothers shared a passion for engineering and pursued engineering degrees.
In the early 2000s, the entire family made the life-changing decision to migrate to Australia, drawn by the allure of a different lifestyle and the “Australian dream.” This decision must have been a significant step for the family, involving a lot of adjustment and adaptation to a new country and culture.
In 2015, Philip pursued a master’s degree in Oenology at the University of Adelaide, which involves the study of winemaking. This must have been a transformative period for the brothers as they deepened their knowledge of wine production.

In addition to Oenology, Kevin also studied Marketing, which would prove to be a valuable skill set in the wine industry. Marketing is crucial in promoting wines and reaching out to potential customers.
Finally, in 2014, the two brothers fulfilled their dream of owning their vineyard, purchasing a mid-size vineyard in North Nuriootpa. This marked the beginning of their winemaking journey, where they could put their education and passion for wine into practice. Starting their winery, named Ubertas Wines, was likely a challenging yet rewarding experience for Philip and Kevin.