The original THICC Cookies & BIGG Brownies.

One Mission. Create Australia’s Best Cookie and Brownie! Dangerously Delicious THICC Cookies & BIGG Brownies

Founder Christopher Sheldrick, and his sister’s afternoon craving for New York-style cookies transformed into all that THICC Cookies is today. Dreaming about the cookies from New York, the brother sister duo recognized an opportunity to bring this unique style of cookies down under. Christopher was part of his family’s wholesale bakery shop where he had been working for almost seven years. One day he asked himself, “Why is no one selling cookies here? We work at a bakery. If we’re not doing it, how can we expect someone else to?”

From there, Christopher and his sister began to develop the perfect cookie recipe. Baked for the purpose of personal satisfaction, the family duo began to quickly recognize the opportunity to sell their craft. Naming the business was inspired by exactly what they were selling: thick cookies. With the recipe and name in place, THICC Cookies came to life.

Located in the heart of Sydney, Australia, THICC Cookies crafts their cookies with the best, freshest ingredients. “Our greatest goal is to be considered Australia’s best cookie,” Christopher said.