Commercial since 2013, the Sathya Olive Company has won numerous awards for their product quality internationally and have been recognized with gold medals as Best Commercially produced EVOO in Western Australia 2019, Best Infused Oil internationally by Australian Olive Association 2019, Gold medal in Los Angeles International 2019 and Silver in Japan International 2019. We offer premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 11 different varieties of infused olive oils, unique Table Olives and Olive Tapenade. Some of our products are unique to our business only such as Garam Masala Infused Olive Oil, Curry Leaf Infused Olive Oil, Lemongrass and Ginger Infused Olive Oil, Peppercorn Infused Olive Oil, South-Indian Style Table Olives, etc. Our business was featured by Channel 9’s “Öur State on a Plate” program nationally in early 2020 and by the documentary series “Visible Farmer” funded by Commonwealth also in 2020. It is our attention to the product quality and our commitment to using only sustainable technologies by harvesting solar energy for all our power requirements and improving soil health through organic fertigation methods whilst utilising ground water resources most effectively makes our business unique and stand-out in the Olive Industry.