That’s Amore Cheese is an award-winning Italian-style cheese producer only using farm-fresh local milk and the finest Australian ingredients.

Since self-taught cheese maker Giorgio Linguanti launched this business in 2008, it made its way through the Australian dairy market by bringing artisan Italian signature flavours on the tables of Australian homes.

Sicily born and raised, Giorgio went from not speaking a word of English to transforming his passion for prime quality foods into an internationally renowned business with two one-stop shops and a cheese production factory where Italian signature taste is constantly reinterpreted and reinvented.
That’s Amore Cheese have a team of 100 who produce more than 65 different types of Italian style cheese that are 100% natural, preservative free and handmade.
Having taste for quality can create a successful business, but what truly makes a difference is the shared love for all things simple.
After all, isn’t that what Italy is all about?