Spirit of Little Things was conceived by three mates who dreamt of producing small-batch artisan gin with a unique Australian fingerprint.

When Mick, Tom and Josh started working on the idea in 2018, it was primarily a venture that kept many friends well-stocked in gin (delicious gin, if we may say so). But as word spread and more people tried the product, they realised they were onto something pretty special and that this gin had to be taken to the world.

Little Things launched its core gin range into the Western Australian market in October 2019, and the team set up production in an urban distillery located in Perth’s western suburbs in June 2021. In September of 2021, they opened the distillery door, where customers have enjoyed great gin, tastings, cocktails, food, and events ever since.

We host an urban gin distillery nestled in Subiaco, as a melting-pot of conception, creation and connection. We’ve worked to create a hidden gem, servicing our guests with handcrafted, artisan gin – just metres from where it’s created – seasonal cocktails, craft wine and beer, and local gourmet food.