Manjula, a passionate chef, who migrated to Australia fifteen years ago, founded Simply Lentils amidst the challenges of Covid. Recognizing the potential of pulses (lentils) as a protein source, she was dismayed by the lack of convenient pulse-based options in Australian supermarkets beyond basic dhal and soup kits. Drawing from her Indian heritage, where pulses are integral to diverse recipes, Simply Lentils was born to fill this gap in the market.
Simply Lentils offers a range of “Just Add Water & Cook” premixes, inspired by traditional Indian recipes and made from Australian-grown lentils. From savory pancakes to pizza bases, burgers, nuggets, risotto style meal and more, our products are designed to be both delicious and easy to prepare. Since our inception, we’ve garnered a loyal following across Australia, spreading the love for Aussie-grown pulses and promoting them as a sustainable protein choice. Simply Lentils is committed to innovation and to making pulses a mainstream staple for all, paving the way to a more sustainable future of food.