At Saucy Wench, we’re a little bit Saucy, and a whole lotta FUN! Every drop of our handmade Asian condiments and every fold in our handmade dumplings are imbued with the passion and care only a dedicated local team can provide. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, Saucy Wench offers customers a premium experience, combining the robust flavours of Asia with the purity and integrity of Australian ingredients.
What sets us apart is our commitment to craftsmanship. Each product in our range, from our renowned chilli oil to our artisanal frozen dumplings, is handcrafted here in Australia. We pride ourselves on using only the finest Australian produce, ensuring not just exceptional taste but also supporting local agriculture. This commitment to quality and community resonates with today’s consumers, and as a result, we have been awarded Brisbane’s Best Handmade Business for 2024 in the Food, Drinks and Snack category.