Red Feet Wines is a plunge through the cap of fermenting red varietals, with siblings Damien, Megan and Vincent Star behind the King Valley winery. Damien the winemaker has brought his skills to his own label after working internationally in Germany and in the United States before working across a variety of Australian wine regions, for the corporates and family sized wineries. Vince ensures that the vineyard which is still being planted is nurtured, and low yielding to provide the best expression of the varietal. Megan manages the cellar door, customer relations and social licensing understanding the importance of provenance, quality and value-adding.

Fruit is a mix of estate grown with the Chardonnay being sourced from Whitlands, Victoria’s highest altitude region at 800m above sea level. All wines are made and packaged onsite, reflecting attention to detail, delicate layers and full King Valley expression of balanced fresh fruit and finesse.