The tradition of making cheese on farms in the Pyengana valley dates back to the 1880s.

Today, Pyengana Dairy is a proud member of the TasFoods Group and the tradition continues with cheese produced to the recipe that has been used by Pyengana farmers for generations and in vats that have been used in the valley for decades.

The cheese is matured in a traditional cheese cloth in a cave like environment under the Farmgate café. Natural air ventilation is used to draw cool air 1 km down an underground tunnel to maintain a consistent temperature and an ideal environment for maturing cheddar cheese. There, they are aged for up to two years to develop the bold, earthy flavour for which Pyengana Cheddar Is now famous.

Pyengana Cheddar is renowned as one of Australia’s most awarded cheeses. Its unique flavour comes from the high quality ingredients, centuries old bespoke method of production and traditional maturing techniques. Pyengana Dairy uses a recipe that has been passed down and refined by generations of farmers in Pyengana. This involves working the curds by hand to encourage flavour and create a superior texture.