Norfolk Rise Vineyard sits proudly in the Mount Benson wine region, of South Australia.
Hugging the shoreline between the coastal towns of Kingston and Robe on the
Limestone Coast, Mount Benson is a truly unique place. The Southern Ocean, less than
5 kilometers from the vineyard, has a dramatic influence and allows them to make
elegant, cool climate wines. A family-owned brand, the estate vineyard consists of 140
hectares of grapes, all certified sustainable, as is the 1500-ton purpose-built winery. The
facility is ultra-modern and designed to accurately portray Mount Benson terroir, minimal intervention, cool
climate winemaking at its finest. The site gets its name from the imposing Norfolk Pines
that run through the center of the vineyard, and were specifically chosen to withstand
the Southern Ocean winds that roll in off the coast.