We are wine enthusiasts, innovators and connoisseurs, dedicated to the art of winemaking.

We are committed to implementing sustainable practices at every opportunity to ensure we continue growing and crafting Mitchell wines from the Clare Valley and surrounding regions for generations to come.

Our dry-grown vineyards ensure responsible water conservation while the removal of all artificial herbicides and pesticides ten years ago has encouraged biodiversity across the board. This resulted in rich soils and vineyards full of life.

We are dedicated to preserving the natural characteristics of the fruit produced from these vines, promoting the rich flavours and a vibrant energy that is present throughout the entire Mitchell Wines portfolio.

Our dedication to our vineyards and implementing sustainable winemaking practices is what has put us on the map for our exclusive range of high-quality table wines. Our red wines are intensely flavoured, well-structured and long living, while our white wines are fresh, aromatic and delightfully approachable.