Founders of mazing sweets began as a regular home-based business, supplying offices and emergency service workers with various confectionery, in support of important community service. Recently, our sweets and slices became the focus of demand and now our home-made Rocky Road is revered, as our humble business grew into a Melbourne success.
All too frequently, mass manufacturing has reduced the look and quality of Rocky Road–which should be a show piece to any party-with tasteless chocolate, stale marshmallows and advertised ingredients that are virtually non-existent upon opening the packaging. Happily, mazing sweets brought this Aussie classic back to life with quality ingredients and generous serving sizes.
Our Rocky Road is a complimented by an endless list of additional ingredients: lollies, nuts and dried fruit-harmoniously united by Australia’s favourite chocolate, coconut and cloud-like fluffy marshmallows. This creates a fun mix of colours and textures for the taste buds. This is why mazing sweets stands out from the others.