Based at The Mill Castlemaine in central Victoria, Long Paddock Cheese is a small-scale artisan cheesemaker, creating deliciously-different handmade cheeses, mainly in the French style but with a definite Australian identity.

Our globally-renowned cheesemaker, Ivan Larcher, heads a small-but-skilled team making soft and semi-hard cheeses and fresh dairy products, perfectly ripened and beautifully packaged, from certified-organic cow’s milk from a nearby family-owned farm.

Co-located & integrated with Long Paddock Cheese is The Cheese School, offering professional artisan cheesemaking and other dairy training, a range of small-scale business-related training, as well as training for cheesemongers, regulators, home cheesemakers and cheeselovers. It also serves as a base from which we run consulting work and small-scale events.

Our cheese range:

● Silver Wattle: soft and unctuous lactic cheese
● Sundew: our artisan Camembert style
● Driftwood: funky bark-belted soft cheese made in the style of Vacherin Mont D’or
● Flannel Flower: artisan soft bloomy cheese in the style of a French soft cheese like those from Brie
● Banksia: 6-8 month Raclette-style cheese
● Ironbark: 12-month Alpine-style cooked-curd cheese
● Granite: 10-12 month traditional clothbound cheddar
● Bluestone: dense buttery semi-soft cheese spiked with blue