La Tortillería is the leading maker of authentic Mexican tortillas in Australia, specialising in crafting nixtamal corn tortillas and totopos with meticulous care and traditional methods. Crafted using 100% Australian-grown corn and a pinch of sea salt, that’s it, nixtamal corn tortillas are soft, pliable and aromatic. Proudly Australian made and owned, La Tortillería caters to a wide range of dietary preferences as they are gluten-free, FODMAP friendly, wholegrain and vegan, making them a versatile choice for all food lovers.
Whether you’re cooking up the ultimate taco night with friends or enjoying authentic totopos (tortilla chips) with your guacamole for lunch, La Tortilleria products will elevate your Mexican meals and healthy snacking; every dish becomes a celebration of Aussie corn, authenticity and quality straight from the Melbourne bakery. ¡Que Rico!