Kneadyboi’s ‘Unfortunate Fortune Cookies’ is the brainchild of Jawin, a baking enthusiast and former contestant on The Great Australian Bake Off. By combining his love of puns, baking, and his Asian heritage, Kneadyboi was inspired to put a spotlight on the humble fortune cookie by putting his own spin on the flavours and messages.
Each cookie is hand baked, folded and dipped in Sydney into a variety of flavours, ranging from Asian twists of Pandan and Coconut, to Aussie twists of Fairy Bread, Iced Vovo, Lamington, and much more. What truly sets Kneadyboi apart is the magic hidden inside each cookie – each cookie is filled with funny messages, witty jokes, the occasional nugget of wisdom and, if you’re unlucky enough, an unfortunate message.