Hippie Brewing Co are early pioneers of premium kombucha products, established in 2014, making them one of WA’s very first. Rooted in family values and sustainability, we craft our exquisite range in WA’s scenic Swan Valley. Embracing ‘right over easy’, our Pét-Nat style brewing harnesses natural fermentation for unrivaled freshness and flavour. No artificial sweeteners or juice, just real fruits and botanicals sourced locally from people we know. We don’t hide, with our clear bottles showcasing proudly the live activity in each batch, while naturally spritzy bubbles offer a refreshing, sophisticated taste. Inspired by traditional winemaking methods, our pét-nat kombucha is perfect for any occasion, offering a vibrant, alcohol-free alternative. Join us at the Good Food & Wine Show in Perth this July to experience the essence of Hippie Brewing Co – where doing things the right way means doing them naturally.