Gibson Wines was established in 1996 and draws on over 50 years of experience of its founder; viticulturist, geologist and winemaker, Rob Gibson. Unearthed during Rob’s formative years as a geologist, a spirit of prospecting is at the heart of Gibson. With a second generation emerging, the family champion Barossa wines that are Dirtborn. Rob, with wife Anne and son Adam, continue a keen-eyed search for what might be hidden, waiting to be revealed.

The connection to dirt runs deeper with Rob, who’s early years were spent prospecting for precious metals as a trained geologist. This love affair with the earth, its composition and how it can influence flavour, flows through to Gibson’s winemaking philosophy. Rob, with son Adam, follow a simple mantra; Barossa wines crafted from the earth and guided by our hands. Drinkability over all, through flavour, curiosity and generosity.