Franklin & Clement operates as a small batch, premium preserves producer based in the beautiful Perth Hills.

Fresh from the Hills and new to the West Australian foodie scene, Franklin & Clement’s Jammed Chilli boasts an incredibly elegant heat factor and moorish flavour combination with ingredient heroes including garlic, ginger, chilli, coconut sugar and apple cider vinegar.

With an indulgent and perfectly balanced umami flavour like no other, Franklin & Clement Jammed Chilli will transform your cheese boards, burgers, steak sandwiches, toasties, bacon and eggs, meats, veggies, dipping sauces and salad dressings to nothing short of irresistible.

And, small batch means the Franklin & Clement team are incredibly intimate, hands on and passionate about the entire production. We do it all. The ingredient selection, the making, the jarring, the labelling, the dishes, the dreaming, the selling, the deliveries and the nitty gritty business stuff too.

You name it, we do it. Our commitment to existing as a small batch producer means it’s the only way we’re able to ensure our premium brand continues to produce premium preserves that tantalise your taste buds and excite your culinary senses.